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Nearly One in Four Brits Missing Holidays

According to the Association of British Travel Agents’ (ABTA’s) annual consumer holiday trends report, nearly 25% of Brits (or one in four) did not take a holiday in the last 12 months, up from just 10% in 2011.

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The report, which polled over 2,000 adults to find trends in British travel habits, found that an increasing number of people had decided to miss their summer holiday in the last 12 months due to financial constraints.
However, the survey also found that the average annual number of trips taken by Brits this year has risen to 3.2, up from 3.0 in 2014. In fact, those surveyed from the ‘highest social grade’ were found to be taking an average of eight holidays this year, up from 7.4 in 2014.
The results found that geographical location was also a factor in the amount of holidays taken, with Londoners taking an average of 4.4 trips per year, closely followed by the North West at 3.5, Yorkshire at 3.1 and the West Midlands at 3.1. Interestingly, people from Northern Ireland appear to take the least holidays at 1.8 per year.
City breaks remain our favourite type of holiday, with just under 55% of people taking one this year (up from 42% in 2014), and beach holidays come second in popularity, rising over 12% in popularity to 50% this year. However, staycations seem to have declined slightly in popularity this year, falling from 1.8 to 1.7.
This reported increase in average holiday statistics could be down to the favourable conversion rates of the Pound vs Euro, and could also have been helped by the pension reforms, allowing seniors to withdraw money from their savings (to spend on lovely holidays!).
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