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New Tech: Stealth Motorcycle Travel

At Holidaysafe we like to stay up to date with the newest motorcycle tech, especially things which we think will improve motorcycle tours and travel abroad. The newest innovation in motorcycle technology has come from the US Military, specifically the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), in the form of a stealth bike called ‘SilentHawk’.

DARPA was established in 1958, and its mission is to ‘create and prevent strategic surprise’, by inventing, adapting and maintaining technological superiority.

The SilentHawk is a two wheel drive hybrid electric bike, which has been specifically designed for ‘long distance travel and stealth’. It has been created to allow soldiers to move quickly and quietly over terrain, utilising the speed and agility of a motorcycle teemed with the silence of an electric engine.

The SilentHawk should be fully tested and ready for soldiers in around 18 months’ time.

Although this new model will be created for the army, many are predicting that the technology may soon be available for civilian bikers. Interestingly, electric bikes are quite a hotly debated topic among bikers, with many worried that the lack of engine noise will not only ruin the whole ‘biker’ experience, but that the lack of noise may cause more accidents if cars cannot hear bikers coming.

Whatever your thoughts on electric bikes, you have to admit that ‘SilentHawk’ sounds and looks like an interesting piece of kit.

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