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No Barriers to Travel

Most people will dream of travelling the world at some point during their lives, whether this dream is a yearly summer holiday to worship the sun on a glorious beach, or a longer trip designed to see as much as possible in a few months.

However, some people may struggle to achieve these travel dreams if they have medical conditions. When travelling with medical conditions it is extremely important that you have the correct cover in place to protect yourself and your holiday in case you need medical treatment during your trip. Finding this type of affordable cover can sometimes prove difficult, depending on your condition and budget.

At Holidaysafe we firmly believe that well managed and controlled conditions should not be a barrier to travel, so everyone can ‘enjoy what the world has to offer’ with complete piece of mind. Our commitment to this belief was recently proven by Mr Omer, a Type One Diabetic who was planning a backpacking trip around the world, but was struggling to find affordable cover for his trip and condition.

He actually wrote a blog about his travel insurance experiences, called Insurance, for the Diabetic Backpacker, in which he explains how he eventually came across He found other quotes ranging from £400 up to a whopping £1,000 for his requirements; however Holidaysafe offered cover ranging from £180 – £340 for two people travelling for several months, plus cover for medical conditions.

After ringing our customer service to centre to check our cover and policies, Mr Omer purchased a Holidaysafe Backpacker policy, and is currently travelling the world, safe in the knowledge that if he did face a medical emergency, Holidaysafe would be there to help. Most recently his travels have taken him through New Zealand and Cambodia, plus in December he reported being ‘surrounded by Kangaroos’!

Mr Omer actually operates a site called, which offers fantastic advice for people and travellers with Diabetes, as well as tracking his travels around the world. If you would like to follow his adventures, visit

For further information on the policies and cover Holidaysafe offers, visit

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