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No Excuse for not Buying Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is absolutely vital for anyone planning a trip, but many either forget or decide not to purchase cover. Below we have listed four of the most common reasons why people do not buy travel insurance, and the reasons why everyone should:

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It costs too much

There is no end to the places you can go to buy travel insurance these days. From supermarkets to car repairers and everyone in between and with so much competition it is easy to understand why travel insurance is, compared to many other financial service products, such a bargain. Its hard to believe therefore why so many people feel that it is too expensive and so do not bother. With single trip travel insurance available for just a few pounds, this really is a surprise.

I am covered already

If this really is the case, that’s a good thing. However, many people believe that they have adequate cover, even when they do not. For example, relying on the EHIC card as your sole method of protection is risky. It may not cover the complete costs of any medical treatment and will not cover repatriation, cancellation, baggage and other such important sections. If you get “free travel insurance” with your bank or credit card, make sure it really is travel insurance. Many offer a stripped back version of travel insurance to allow them to be able to give it away.

I forgot to buy travel insurance

This happens of course. But buying travel insurance, although not a compulsory act, should be second nature – much like buying car insurance is. If you really do struggle to remember, perhaps it would be wise to buy an annual multi trip travel insurance policy. This will cover you for the year and if you wish, will automatically renew, so you are never without cover.

I will never need it

Famous last words. Travel insurance is made up of many sections, although the three most claimed on are cancellation of the trip, medical expenses and lost baggage. Taking a chance on lost or damaged baggage is almost understandable. Although when you add it up, you will probably be taking several thousand pounds of belongings with you. Medical expenses is however not one to gamble on, as an example, we have just paid a claim for £130,000. A man simply tripped in Florida, but was unfortunate enough to fracture his hip and arm. What would you do if you were faced with a bill of this size, without an insurer to cover the costs?
With travel insurance starting from as little as £4.00, why not give us a try and get a quote or better still, buy travel insurance.

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