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Now where did I leave my dentures?

How many times have you returned home after a trip and had that horrible sinking sensation when you suddenly realise you have forgotten to bring something back with you?

Usually it is something relatively unimportant like a toothbrush, or slightly more important like your spectacles.

However following some research, it seems some people are more forgetful than others here are the top ten weird and wonderful things people have left behind on their holidays.

1. False Teeth – obviously you wouldn’t realise until you got home that you were missing your teeth….
2. Father Christmas Trousers – who doesn’t like to bring a bit of Christmas magic to their summer holidays?
3. A False Leg – according to Travelodge, from 2003 to 2004, more than 80 Orthopaedic limbs were left behind
4. A Bongo Drum – the people on his flight dodged a bullet there
5. George Bush Mask – the first holiday essential I pack….
6. A Shark – They forgot their new pet! Hopefully he was rescued and adopted by a nice family
7. €20,000 in cash – he didn’t realise until he got back to Heathrow and attempted to pay for the car park
8. Ashes – he didn’t pipe up in time and they left without him
9. Tribal voodoo doll – I hope they disposed of it nicely…
10. Wigs – again, how would you not realise that you were missing something like that! After false teeth wigs are the most common things left behind.

So, unlike these people, protect your important belongings when travelling, visit for award winning travel insurance, because you never know when you might lose your belongings due to theft, breakages or your own poor memory!

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