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Our Guide to Cruising

Are you considering your first cruise, but aren’t sure of cruising protocol? We’ve got you covered!

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We have collated our 5 top tips about what you need to know before stepping on the ship.



Of course! Obviously, some cruises are more tailored for children than others, and you can’t get better than Disney which offer its own cruise line.


Some cruise lines also have their own range of children friendly cruises, such as Carnival who have launched Seuss at Sea as well as Camp Ocean programmes on the Carnival Freedom.


The best thing to do is check with the cruise line as to whether they have activities for children on board.

A lot of ships also have complimentary child care, which is subject to age restrictions – so make sure to check this out before travelling.

Some will also require the child to be potty trained in order to attend, as well as venturing into the pools.



This will differ depending on the cruise line, however, you are generally covered for an average room, meals in the dining areas, shows on board and pool access.


Most cruises will have optional extras that you can add which will come at an additional price. These may include an upgrade on your cabin, speciality restaurants, even dance classes!

Also, there is usually options for shore excursions. You are obviously able to leave the ship anytime it docks, but the guided excursions will incur an additional fee.


Top Tip: If shore excursions are something you would be interested in, we would advise you book these prior to travelling as they are generally very popular!



You are on holiday after all! Therefore, we would expect you to enjoy a cocktail or two.


Most cruise lines offer drinks packages that will include soft drinks as well as some alcoholic beverages, but it is best to look into what suits you best as drinks costs will add up throughout your stay and this can be a more cost-effective way to enjoy your drinks for your trip.



Perfectly understandable. Although large cruise ships are equipped with stabilizers that will help with this and make you feel like you aren’t even moving at all.


Obviously, there may be times where there are particularly rough seas, so if you are prone to seasickness, make sure you take some tablets and maybe some anti-nausea bands to help combat this.



In a word… yes.


Some cruises will advise to pay in advance to stop any surprises at the end of your stay or they will automatically add it on board.


If someone goes the extra mile for you, it is just a nice thing to do to give them an extra tip to show your gratitude.


Top Tip: Ensure you have the relevant travel insurance for cruising. Repatriation is costly regardless of where you are, but from a ship can really hike the costs up. Adding a cruise extension to your policy will ensure that cost is not something you need to worry about.


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