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Owning a holiday home abroad

Owning a holiday home abroad is, for many, an economical way to have regular holidays. Apart from the freedom to travel to your favourite destination whenever you wish, there are no tour operator cancellation charges to pay should you have to change your travel plans at the last minute.

The advent of the low-cost carriers has also meant that for many, the cost is low enough for them not to be too concerned if they have to cancel their planned trip.

Claims for cancelled holidays account for over 40 per cent of all claims made on travel insurance policies, and nearly 60 per cent of monies actually paid out.

If you do not require cancellation cover, you can make substantial savings on your travel insurance premiums by purchasing a late booker policy which does not have any cancellation cover.

Holiday home owners often travel with hand baggage only because they are able to leave their holiday clothes at their holiday home, where they are covered under the holiday home insurance policy.

By opting for ‘delete baggage’ further savings on travel insurance premiums can be made.
Regular travellers should consider a multi-trip travel insurance policy in order to maximise their savings. travel Insurance offers a range of policies to suit most people’s needs and pocket …… Annual multi trip travel insurance can be more economical even if you are planning only a weekend away in addition to a main holiday. Cover starts from as little as £17.95

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