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15 Packing Tips for the Perfect Tour

To help anyone trying to pack for a motorcycle road trip, we asked our biking experts for their top tips…



Start at the Beginning

The key to successful packing is to really think about where you are going and how long for, as this will allow you to whittle down your luggage to the essentials. For example, will you need sun tan lotion and sandals or water proof jackets and heated gloves?
To save space think about packing things which can serve a dual purpose, for example Kevlar lined denim jeans offer great protection on the bike and don’t look out of place off the bike.
Never fold your clothes always roll them, as this will save space.
Never fill your luggage to capacity so you can fill the space with souvenirs or supplies for the journey home.
Think about investing in travel electronics and gadgets which will save space, for example lose the heavy paper guide book and opt for an electronic version on a phone or tablet.
Don’t skimp on the tent! If you’re planning to camp, spend a little more to buy a specialist tent which will fold down to an extremely compact size, otherwise you’ll be stuck lugging it around.


Tool Kits and Packing

Don’t leave home without completing a quick service (e.g. tyres, lights, breaks etc.) on your bike and packing a basic tool kit, otherwise you may find your holiday halted at the side of the road.
A puncture repair kit & CO2 canister will save a lot of heartache and get you back on the road if an errant nail finds your tyre.
Other useful tools you could pack include a satnav (or magnetic tank map pouch), torch or head lamp, spare bungee cords, and a basic first aid kit.
Remember, every country will have different rules about the kit you should have, for example, in France Motorists (including bikers) are required to carry a breathalyser kit.
If you’re camping, don’t forget a kick stand plate to stop your bike falling into the mud.


Top Tip!

Find space for an empty carrier bag and keep it with you throughout the trip. If it starts to rain and you want to get your waterproofs on quickly, you will really struggle to get them past your wet boots. Putting a carrier bag over your boot will enable a quick change!


Documentation and Insurance

When travelling abroad you should always make sure you have international motorcycle and breakdown insurance – don’t leave home without them.
The rules about the documentation you need to carry can vary between destinations, but to be safe you should bring your insurance certificate, driving licence and V5, just in case the authorities ask to see them.
You should always pre-programme important phone numbers into your phone, carry a photo copy of your passport and details of your travel insurance in case you need assistance.

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