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Parents Spending Thousands to take their Adult Children on Holiday

According to a recent study conducted by Top Cash Back, parents are spending over £1,000 every year to take their adult children on holiday, either because their kids can’t afford a holiday, as a treat, or to bribe them into some quality family time.

Group Of Young And Senior Couples Enjoying Family Meal

The study found that 6/10 parents had spent an average of £1,150 to pay for their children to go on holiday with them, despite the fact that they were over 18.
When asked why they were willing to spend this amount to take their kids away, 50% explained that their children could not afford the trip without their help. A further 42% said they wanted to treat their kids to an annual break, and 8% even admitted to paying for the trip as a way of bribing their children into quality family time.
When questioned further about these family trips, many parents admitted to paying for all parts of the holiday, including flights, accommodation, food, holiday clothes and travel insurance. However, the majority of parents did draw the line at giving their children holiday spending money.
Interestingly, 20% of those surveyed expected to continue paying for their children’s holidays until they are over the age of 30!
If you’re planning a family holiday with your adult children, we can help cut the costs a little for you. Our dedicated family travel insurance policy offers free cover for children up to the age of 21, plus a range of other benefits including cover for gadgets. For more information, visit our family travel insurance page.

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