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Peculiar Items Packed by Cruise Travellers

We’ve all seen the lists of totally bizarre items packed, confiscated or left behind by tourists and travellers, including ancient artefacts, wild animals and large amounts of currency. However, a recent survey by has revealed the top 10 most peculiar items cruise passengers decide to pack for their trip – and they are definitely a curious bunch!

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The survey questioned over 1,800 Brits who had taken cruise holidays at some point, and asked them what weird and wonderful things they felt compelled to take on their trip.
Before we reveal the top 10, I think it is important to point out just how luxurious most cruise ships now are, with fantastic facilities available to all passengers – probably no need to pack marmite and English tea bags. However on any trip away from home, many of us will pack at least one home comfort to avoid complete culture shock. Although I don’t think any of the below would make my list!
The top 10 oddest things packed by cruise passengers include;
• One giant inflatable zorbing ball – because who could resist surrounded by all that water?

• One ‘grow your own boyfriend’ kit – cruises can be lonely sometimes.

• One Batman costume – not from a fancy dress shop, an expensive collectible replica.

• One tent – to sleep under the stars.

• One framed car picture – because a man’s best friend is his car, right?

• One ‘swear around the world book’ – and they say us Brits are naughty travellers!

• One suitcase…full of instant noodles – because foreign food can be scary.

• One Harry Styles – a cardboard cut-out of course.

• One Piers Morgan – a poster of course.

• Five inflatable dolls – a stag do prank (we hope).
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