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Places you might not want to visit on holiday

Here are a few places we have come across and thought we’d give you a heads up!

If your other half suggests any of these, you will know more about them.

no, heads up,

The Rezola Cement Museum – Gipuzkoa, Spain

Surely it is impossible to get excited about cement? However, this Spanish museum has “Interactive modules, audio visuals and simulations” on the origins and production of cement.

The German Occupational Health & Safety Exhibition – Dortmund, Germany

This exhibition is devoted to everything which has made workplaces safer and more productive.

Little John’s Grave – Hathersage, Derbyshire

In the graveyard of St Michael’s church is a suspiciously modern-looking gravestone dedicated to this fictional character.

Mitad del Mundo – North of Quito, Ecuador

Most people visit this statue-adorned pyramid to have their picture taken at the Equator. However, due to a mathematical error it is actually a couple of hundred metres south of where the Equator actually passes through.

Muzeum Miniatur – Prague, Czech Republic

A visit here consists of peering through microscopes at impossibly small artworks, including a portrait of Jesus on a poppy seed, a train on a hair and a picture of Beethoven on an apple pip.

The Cumberland Pencil Museum – Keswick, Cumbria

This is the place to visit if you want to know the history of pencils or want to see the world’s largest colouring.

Juliet’s House – Verona, Italy

It is highly unlikely that Shakespeare ever visited Verona, therefore it clear that this house has been constructed simply to cash in on tourists wanting their photograph taken on the balcony.

The International Esperanto – Vienna, Austria

Despite the fact that Esperanto never really caught on as a language, this museum will provide the infinite details of its merits, and has a pac-man style game to help you learn word endings.

Cook’s Cottage – Melbourne, Australia

In 1934 this cottage was moved from Yorkshire to Melbourne to celebrate the City’s centenary. Although the cottage had been owned by Cook’s parents, he himself never lived there.

John Harvard Statue – Cambridge, Massachusetts, US

Known as the Statue of the Three Lies due to the inscription: “John Harvard, Founder, 1638.” The college was actually founded in 1636, Harvard wasn’t one of the founders and when the statue was commissioned, no pictures of Harvard were known to exist, so a random student called Sherman Hoar was picked to model instead.

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