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Plan your Holiday Spending

Ever the optimists, the weekend sunshine seems to have signalled the arrival of Spring and the of hope of Summer for us Brits. Many of us headed to our gardens and open spaces to soak up the sun, whilst dreaming about summer holidays, beautiful beaches, and hotter climates.

As we begin to think about our summer travel plans, it seems that many of us are already relaxing our purse strings, as new research suggests travellers will spend more during their 2014 holidays on things like activities, day trips and meals, to ensure they have a holiday to remember.

Furthermore, in search of the perfect break, Brits will also apparently spend more on their actually holiday, moving away from Europe and towards more exotic climates like Asia and America.

According to new research from Saga, 8/10 travellers over the age of 50 are planning to go abroad in 2014, and nearly of quarter of those are planning to spend more than they did in 2013.

This is probably a side effect of the terrible UK weather we have experienced over the last few months, as almost everyone has been negatively affected by the horrendous wind and rain, with many people being evacuated on Christmas and New Year’s Day.

If you’re already thinking about your holiday plans, remember that it’s fantastic to treat yourself to something a bit special, but you can still grab some bargains to allow you more holiday spending money. For example;

Think about exchange rates – exchange rates are key when trying to make your money go further. Heading to some places in Asia for example will give you a much better exchange rate than some places in Europe, so you may find that everyday items are extremely good value against the pound.

Book in advance – if you’re a savvy holiday booker, you should be able to find some fantastic holiday deals on the high street and on the internet. Make sure you do your research to ensure you get the best deal possible. If you’re open minded about your destination of choice, you could decide based on the holidays available.

Don’t forget the admin – there a few things we should all do before heading abroad, for example exchange money to ensure you have cash for emergencies (never leave this until the airport, as the exchange rate will not be as good), tell your Bank you’re going abroad so they don’t stop your purchases, make notes of your important numbers including account, passports etc. Finally, you should always invest in quality travel insurance, to make sure you and your holiday are protected against any holiday disasters.

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