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Please Switch On Electronic Devices for Take Off and Landing

We’ve all heard the perfectly repeated take-off and landing instructions from cabin crew; ‘please make sure your seat is in the upright position, your tray table is stored away, your window blind is open, and all electronic devices are switched off.’ However, recent news seems to suggest that these instructions may be changing in the near future.

Apparently, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Advisory Committee has recently suggested that passengers should be allowed to use certain electronic devices, including smart phones, IPods, E-readers and tablet computers, during take-off and landing. This recommendation has stemmed from Pilots, who now use tablet computers during take-off and landing (for maps of the runway etc.), which proves that they are not dangerous when used correctly.

All gadgets will need to be switched to airplane mode (as they do when in flight), meaning that making calls and using the internet would still be forbidden, but the new rules would allow travelers to watch films, read e-books, play games and listen to music during take-off and landing.

It has not yet been announced when these plans will take effect, or even if they will, however it would be a very positive step for frequent flyers, young children, nervous passengers and long haul travelers, because it will allow them to distract themselves from the journey.

If you’re planning to take gadgets and electronic equipment abroad, just make sure you have adequate insurance which will cover your items against loss, theft and damage. Your possessions may be covered under your home insurance, however if they are not you will need to make sure your travel insurance policy has cover for gadgets. Visit for more information about Gadget Travel Insurance.

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