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Putting the clocks back damages our health?

Not putting the clocks back this weekend would help people exercise more and stay healthier, says an expert.

Dr Mayer Hillman, a public policy specialist at the Policy Studies Institute wants the UK to keep British Summer Time in winter he suggests that being two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time in spring, gives us more chance to exercise outside.He proposes not putting the clocks back in October in one year, but still putting clocks forward in the subsequent spring.

The common reaction to the prospect of less daylight and sunlight when the clocks are put back at the end of October – signalling as it does the end of outdoor activity and the onset of a largely indoor leisure life – is a negative one.
The additional hours of daylight would considerably increase opportunities for outdoor leisure activities: about 300 more for adults and 200 more for children each year, given typical daily patterns of activity, physical exercise has been shown to improve cardio-vascular health, reducing the risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and some cancers.

Research also shows that people feel happier and more energetic during the longer, brighter days of summer. During the shorter, duller days of winter, however, mood tends to decline.

Scottish farmers, particularly, have always been opposed to changing the current set-up because they would have to deal with an extended period of morning darkness.
As people get older, they should maintain a certain level of physical health. The costs of obesity to society are great and growing.”

Exercising during daylight is more likely to elevate mood, improve sense of well-being and help people get to sleep.It is recommended that adults do 30 minutes of exercise five times a week and children do 60 minutes each day.
Even so there are lots of activities to do in the winter, like swimming, dance, using the gym, or taking up an indoor sport. People can still do exercise outdoors like taking a walk or riding a bike with lights.

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