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Random Acts of Kindness Week 2017

You may not know, but yesterday marked the beginning of Random Acts of Kindness week. Why are we, a travel insurance brand, writing about this you may ask? Well, because the week is all about spreading kindness throughout the globe, to help change the way people experience the world.

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At Holidaysafe we’re all about collecting travel experiences, and making the planet a more kind and friendly place can only be a positive thing for travellers and locals alike! A ‘random act of kindness’ could be anything from buying local and handmade gifts during your travels (to put money back into the community), returning a dropped toy to a child at the airport, or even simply buying a coffee for someone just because they look like they need one.

This week we’re all about kindness, so watch our Facebook and Twitter pages for things we have planned, but in the meantime, we’ve researched some random acts of kindness from around the world to help get you inspired.

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