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Rise of the Solo Cruise Travellers

Cruises are the perfect holiday option for anyone looking to travel the world in style, whilst also keeping a sense of community. However, recent research has found that cruise companies are discriminating against solo travellers, by charging them additional supplements.


The amount of people travelling abroad alone steadily increases every year, as brave backpackers head around the globe for solo trips, professionals take career breaks to find themselves, and people of all ages take holidays alone to meet new people and relax.
According to the study, some cruise lines are charging supplements which double the cost of a solo traveller’s cruise! However, not all cruise companies discriminate against solo travellers, with many charging as little as 10% extra or no additional costs at all.
The best way to ensure you don’t overpay for your cruise is to do plenty of research. Compare the prices of multiple cruise lines, and look specifically for companies which offer singles programmes such as solo dinner parties or specific activities/day trips.
Not only should this ensure you’re getting a good price, it should also mean that there will be a good mix of other solo travellers on board the cruise, allowing you to meet a wide variety of people.
Just remember to invest in specialist cruise travel insurance before your trip. Without dedicated cruise cover you might not be protected against holiday disasters such as cabin confinement due to illness or injury, missed pre-paid port excursions or emergency on board medical treatment. For more information, visit

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