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Sail The Seven Seas

As we pile on the layers and huddle up to combat the freezing weather, many people dream of floating away to sunny luxury.

No wonder so many of us choose to spend the winter months cruising around exotic lands and flawless seas.

Although many cruise companies are now trying to target a younger audience with their on board experiences, a cruiser’s average age remains 50 years old or older. They are normally accompanied by their husband or wife.

Research shows that the older person is attracted to cruises because they are seasoned travellers, looking for something different. They usually have good but stressful jobs or are recently retired from such a position.

Therefore, a cruiser is someone who wants to have a taste of luxury whilst sampling what a certain place or country has to offer; in fact 80% of cruisers admitted they had used the time to explore and rate a new place.

This is a great way of deciding whether to return to the country for a land based holiday, or to simply write it off as a completed experience. However, the most beautiful cruising destinations will not fail to impress, such as the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Hawaii and Mexico.

However, no matter how seasoned a traveller, for true relaxation on your travels, try holidaysafe cruise travel insurance, they offer specialist cruise insurance designed to meet the needs of people indulging in a cruise based holiday. Cover includes a higher than average cancellation element as well as ship to shore repatriation and cabin confinement cover. Specialist cover starts from as little as £30.99.

Please note, Holidaysafe's online prices automatically include a 15% discount against our Customer Service Centre prices.
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