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SatNav Error Sends Skiers to Spain

We all dread SatNav errors, and the fear inducing ‘make a you turn’ (you are completely lost) message can be especially stressful when driving abroad. However, one coach driver has admitted to the biggest SatNav blunder of all, after he took a group of skiers on a 750 mile detour.

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The coach driver was supposed to drive fifty winter sports enthusiasts from Belgium to the French resort of La Plagne in the Tarentaise Valley, but instead programmed his satnav to take him to La Plagne in the Pyrenees – 400 miles away from his intended destination.

According to reports, the driver did not realise his mistake until Toulouse came into view, despite several earlier complaints from passengers that he was heading to Spain not France.

The coach took 24 hours to reach its intended destination, where guests were greeted with Spanish Tapas (as a joke). Luckily the majority of guests found the entire experience quite funny, and even enjoyed the unexpected diversion through vineyards instead of the Alps.

If you’re planning a similar trip, just remember that driving through the Alps can be difficult; you’ll face several hair pin bends on sheer mountain roads. You should also keep in mind that mountain passes may not be open all year round, so be careful when planning a route.

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