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#Saysorrylater Campaign Encourages Travellers to Enjoy their Senior Years

Actor Roy Billing is starring in a new campaign labelled #SaySorryLater, which encourages senior travellers to embark on new adventures, instead of becoming bogged down in family responsibilities.

Happy senior couple at tropical beach

Over the years there have been several different trends and terms coined for the senior traveller including ‘grey gappers’, but the one which seems to have stuck is ‘SKI’ – ‘spending the kids inheritance’.
Now Roy Billing has starred in a brilliant new advert for the SKI generation, which shows him standing on top of a mountain drinking wine, meanwhile his Grandson is about to eat his birthday cake but stops to ask ‘where’s Grandpa?’
The campaign is specifically aimed at the over 50s or ‘baby boomer’ generation, a market which is showing significant growth. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage senior travellers to take some time for themselves, away from their children and grandchildren, to unapologetically enjoy life and have new adventures.
The video shows Mr Billing taking part in the ‘Silver Fox and Foxettes’ 10 day tour of New Zealand, which is run by AAT Kings and HelloWorld. The trip involves a helicopter ride to the top of a mountain, enjoying amazing food and wine, zipping through river canyons and generally exploring the beautiful New Zealand scenery.
If you’re a ‘senior citizen’ who isn’t ready to hang up your passport just yet, visit for a Single Trip Travel Insurance quotation. Our Single Trip policies have no upper age limits, and can protect you against any unexpected holiday disasters, making sure you only spend your kid’s inheritance on the things you want to!

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