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Seasons of Love

The season is upon us! Whether you look forward to celebrating with your significant other or you dislike the hallmark holiday, at Holidaysafe HQ we love any excuse for a romantic trip. We have come up with our Most Romantic destinations to travel to with your other half.

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First some background:

Saint Valentine, is widely recognised as a third-century Roman saint who is commemorated on 14th February.

He was a Christian Martyr and sacrificed himself in the name of love against the Roman Empire, ruled by Emperor Claudius II Gothicus.

Although, there has never been cold, hard evidence to confirm this story it has been widely documented that this is the most valid reasoning behind it.

Nowadays, we use it as a day to celebrate our relationships with those that we love and exchange cards and gifts.


Where can we go?


Venice, Italy.

venice, love,

The capital of the Veneto region of northern Italy, and just under a 2-hour flight from London.

With no roads, there are canals to get around, how magical! With so many beautiful water ways and passageways to get lost in as well as the stunning scenery you take in whilst partaking in a gondola ride or two.

The average costs for hotels range from £60-£200 plus, with flights costing just over £100 on average.

Click here for a full guide from one of our team who was lucky enough to take a trip to Venice earlier this year.


The Maldives.


Situated in the Indian Ocean and well known for it’s beautiful beaches, reefs and lagoons and the perfect romantic getaway.

Made up of more than 1,000 coral Islands and composed of 26 ring-shaped atolls, there is plenty to explore.

Having a slightly longer flight, being nearly 10.5 hours and costing anywhere from £1,200, with accommodation ranging from £58 to over £600.

This is maybe more of a ‘special’ holiday due to pricings, but will be the trip of a lifetime nonetheless.

From snorkelling safaris, submarine tours, fish markets and more, there is plenty to be seeing and doing.

As well as relaxing on the afore mentioned beaches, including Veligandu Island, Biyadoo Island and Hulhumale.

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A U.S state tucked right down in the south-eastern corner of the country, with hundreds of miles of beaches.

Depending on preference, you have many different options ranging from Miami and its Latin American influences to Orlando and the famous theme parks within it.

Again, this a longer flight at nearly 12.5 hours, but totally worth it.

There are many romantic things to do in and around Florida, including staying in America’s number One romantic hotel, The Henderson Inn, Exploring the Everglades, or walking hand in hand on one of the many beaches.

Obviously, if you are a Disney fan, then Orlando is the place for you, and you can take part in a whole host of things including a horse-drawn carriage ride, fireworks on the beach and more!

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