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Should Travel Insurance be Mandatory?

Thailand is an extremely popular destination for backpackers and travellers who want to experience a different culture; however these holidaymakers have created a financial issue which is causing the Thai Government to reconsider their entry regulations. According to recent news, Thailand is considering making travel insurance mandatory for all visitors and travellers who want to enter the country.

Many travellers visit Thailand without first purchasing travel insurance, which means that if they need medical attention, the (sometimes enormous) bills are usually left unpaid by backpackers who have very low funds.

This has caused a financial burden on hospitals who cannot recover the costs of their treatment, service and medicines. Hence why the Thai Government are considering making travel insurance a must for visitors, because hospitals should be able to recover any reasonable costs from the insurer.

Travel insurance is already a mandatory requirement for some countries, but do you believe it should be adapted by other popular destinations? Or should travel insurance remain a personal choice?

Many believe that travel insurance is a luxury which can be cut from the holiday planning process if the budget is getting tight. However, travel insurance should be a vital part of every traveller’s pre-trip planning, whether you’re heading to France or the USA.

Without travel insurance you will be liable for any bills or losses which result from a holiday disaster, for example, lost or stolen possessions, damaged valuables or medical expenses. Therefore, whether it is mandatory or not, every traveller should invest in quality travel insurance which suits their requirements, to make sure they’re protected from unexpected problems abroad.

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