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Ski and Snowboarding Injuries

According to a survey conducted by, young female snowboarders are the most likely to get injured on the slopes. According to the survey, snowboarders are far more likely to be injured than skiers during the peak seasons and throughout the year.

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Although more skiers file injury claims than snowboarders, this is simply because skiing is a lot more popular with travellers. Skiers are more likely to suffer from leg injuries, for example injuries to the knee including torn ligaments and muscle bruising.

Snowboarders, on the other hand, are more likely to suffer from more serious shoulder and wrist injuries, as you can easily fall forwards into the snow. This can cause a number of injuries, the most common including wrist sprains and breaks, plus fractured collar bones and concussions.

Both Skiing and Snowboarding are considered extreme sports; therefore it is normally people who are new to the activities who are most at risk, hence the statistic about young female snowboarders. Nevertheless, these are ‘extreme’ activities, so anyone could potentially become injured at any time.

All the same, at Holidaysafe we understand that it is the adrenaline pumping danger that attracts so many to the sport. That is why we have designed specialist Snowboarding and Ski Insurance.

Our Winter Sports Travel Insurance covers;

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