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Skiing or snowboarding without insurance?

Recent reports from the travel insurance world suggest that millions of Britons will be travelling on winter sports holidays this winter, with inadequate or worse still no travel insurance.

Having just come back from a very enjoyable pre-season skiing trip with the varsity teams, we have some very recent and relevant experiences to suggest that travelling without winter sports travel insurance is a bad idea.

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In the first week, we had no fewer than three dislocated shoulders – average cost £900, two severed tendons – average cost £1,600 and a fractured vertebrae – cost estimate £7,900. We were skiing in France, so the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) was applied (more on that in a moment) and there was fresh powder for the first part of the week so the conditions were good. Had the conditions been less snow and more ice, we would have expected a higher frequency of accident. It matters not as to your chosen discipline both skiers and snowboarders are at risk of injury, no matter what you level or experience. There are some very cheap winter sports insurance policies on the market, just be sure to check that they offer the level of cover you require.

I mentioned the EHIC earlier, a lot of medical treatment in resort will be carried out at the resort medical centre. These are usually private medical facilities and will not accept the EHIC. As such, minor treatments for strains, sprains and cuts can become very expensive. Our recent trip experience suggests an average of between £40 -£700. This cost does not include the piste rescue elements, which at their highest for our trip came in at a massive £690 and this was not by helicopter but by sledge rescue.

So whatever you ski holiday plans, don’t forget the need for ski holiday insurance.
Holidaysafe can offer a week’s ski or snowboard travel insurance in Europe for a 34 year old from as little as £11.26 without cancellation cover and a very reasonable £13.27 with! So, for a little more than £10.00 you could be protecting yourself from £1,000’s of cost. To get a quote or to buy winter sports travel insurance try us online winter sports travel insurance

Prices correct 18/12/2009

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