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Snake on a Plane…it has Actually Happened

Last week an aeroplane travelling from Egypt to Kuwait was forced to make an emergency landing after a Cobra got loose in the passenger cabin.

It seems like a ridiculous story, especially after the 2006 film ‘Snakes on a Plane’, staring Samuel L. Jackson, which depicted a long haul flight being overrun by hundreds of poisonous snakes.

However, in this scenario there was only one snake; an Egyptian Cobra, which had been smuggled abroad in hand luggage. The guilty passenger had concealed the snake to take it back to Kuwait, probably to sell in his reptile shop. The snake made his escape by biting his owner and then slithering away along the cabin aisle.

The Egyptian Cobra is a venomous snake; one bite can kill an adult in around fifteen minutes, by causing paralysis and respiratory failure. However, the bitten owner refused medical treatment.
The snake was captured and confiscated, and the plane resumed its journey.
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