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Sporting Misery Abroad

When most people think about a holiday, they imagine white sandy beaches, beautiful sunshine and exotic locations. However, for millions of Brits the best way to spend their time off is to indulge their sporting passion – and we don’t mean following their favorite football or rugby team around the world.

Recent research from Direct Line has found that 1/3 Brits have taken part in a sporting activity whilst on holiday. The types of activities people choose range from water sports, cycling, hiking and beach games to entire holidays dedicated to golfing, fishing or team sports. 

However, the research found that around 25% of these sport mad travelers will face an injury during their trip, as a direct result of their chosen activity. From the people surveyed, 13% of only suffered minor cuts and bruises, however 10% suffered ligament damage, 6% broke a bone or damaged a joint, 5% suffered serious cuts or wounds, and 3% suffered a head injury.

These injuries vary dramatically from basic first aid to serious hospital treatment and recuperation once back in the UK, but they all highlight the importance of purchasing quality travel insurance which adequately covers all your sporting plans. Travel insurance can provide help and advice if you need to seek medical attention, and without it you could face hefty bills if you need visit a hospital or clinic for treatment. 

Visit for more information about our range of specialist sports travel insurance policies which provide cover for hired, owned and delayed equipment, closed activity venues plus all the usual cover for cancellation, baggage, medical and much more.

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