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Spring Bank Holiday

Monday 31 May brings spring bank holiday, we all choose to spend our time in different ways, Some people choose to take a short trip, others use the time to take long leisurely walks, catch up with family and friends, visit garden centres or do home maintenance.

Here are some interesting and possibly bizarre customs that take place on Spring Bank holiday Monday around The United Kingdom
On Cooper’s Hill in Brockworth, Gloucestershire, people race down a steep hill following a large round cheese. The hill is concave and has an incline of 1:1 in some places. The first person to cross the finishing line wins a Double Gloucester cheese .
The custom may have been started by the Romans or ancient Britons and be an ancient fertility rite or a way of guaranteeing the rights of the villagers to graze their livestock on the surrounding land. In some years, there have been a lot of injuries, causing the event to be cancelled a couple of times in recent years. In these years, the cheese was rolled down the hill, but nobody was allowed to chase it.
In Endon in Staffordshire, the villagers dress up, hold a fair and crown a girl as the Well Dressing Queen. Local men hold a competition, known as ‘Tossing the Sheaf’, in which they compete to see who can toss a bale of straw the highest. In other places, boats are blessed, Morris dancers put on displays and local festivals are held.

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