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Studying abroad…

…New York, Paris, Lisbon, Munich… everyone’s talking about what to pick!

With British universities looking set to reduce their numbers and raise their fees, as well as tighten up their entry requirements, a scramble for UK university places has resulted leaving many students stuck as to what to do next. A gap year maybe or travelling and backpacking, employment, working abroad, volunteering, alternative study or of course and much to their parents annoyance…nothing.

In light of this, the prospect of studying abroad is suddenly looking more attractive as the savings on education costs in comparison to many parts of the UK can be significant.

But where do you begin — and what’s the cost? The most obvious option is to study in English speaking countries such as America, Canada and Australia. This is not the cheapest option, with fees ranging from £11,000 to £25,000 per year in America, while colleges in Canada and Australia come out cheaper, at around £9,000 to £11,000.

What people don’t realise is the huge amount of universities within the EU offering English taught degrees. And the figures that will leap out at UK parents for European universities, is that some charge as little as £160 per year for tuition. Quite some discount compared to the £3,000 (soon to increase) that we pay here.

According to research last year America had 650,000 foreign students, Australia 300,000 and Germany and France 250,000. Foreign universities are keen to increase these numbers so what are you waiting for??? You can still study your chosen discipline as well as travel, explore and embrace a new culture, meet new people, experience culturally different foods, drinks and hopefully pick up some of the language. Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to study whilst sipping limoncella (maybe not in lectures), eating Italian pizza and generally feeling very cosmopolitan and elite?

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