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Suitcase Etiquette

When travelling anywhere there should be certain rules to how a suitcase is packed and just how much you should take away with you.

Many of us try and pack everything bar the kitchen sink, as in the back of our minds we think I must take the whole of my wardrobe “just In case “
So to help you on your way and reduce the chances of being charged for extra luggage: here are a few useful tips:

The best and most effective tip is to take clothes you can mix and match, for example, if you take 3 skirts 3 shorts and 2 pairs of trousers but take 8 different tops think how many different combinations you would have.
Packing clothes
Remember this order of operations: shirts on the bottom, then dresses,then trousers.
Stack tops, unfolded, by placing wrinkle-prone tops toward the bottom of a pile and less easily wrinkled ones toward the top.
Fold the sleeves in toward the shirts’ torsos.
Fold the shirts in half from the bottom. You now have a rectangular bundle of shirts; place it in your suitcase.
Drape long dresses in the suitcase so that the ends hang over the sides.
Place trousers and skirts on a flat surface; fold each in half lengthwise.
Stack trousers and skirts on top of one another, with easily wrinkled ones on the bottom and sturdier ones, such as jeans, on top. Fold the stack over, so that its length is halved.
Place your stack of trousers and skirts on top of the dresses, then fold the ends of the dresses over the pants and skirts.

Packing Accessories
Roll ties loosely.
Stuff socks in shoes. Pack underwear in mesh laundry bags or side pockets to save space.
Arrange each pair of shoes so that the heel of one aligns with the toe of the other.
Wrap pairs of shoes in separate plastic bags, and place them along the border of your suitcase.
Protect clothes from leaks by placing toiletries in a plastic bag.
Voila the perfect suitcase

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