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Summer Holiday Spending

According to recent research by British Airways, nearly 24 million Britons are planning to travel abroad this summer. This is not a shocking statistic when you consider the amount of people who would usually go away, plus the people who want to escape the chaos of the Olympics.

However, the research also estimated that British holidaymakers will spend over thirty six billion pounds on their summer holidays in 2012; that works out to roughly £923.00 per person. This is extremely interesting, as the current economic climate does not seem to affect holiday spending. This statistic backs up previous research which states that most people see their annual holiday as a necessity, not a luxury which can be cut from the budget.

Wherever you are planning to travel this summer, have travel insurance to suit your holiday and budget. If you risk travelling without insurance you leave yourself vulnerable to potentially astronomical bills if you become ill or injured or if your possessions get lost or damaged whilst you are abroad.

At we offer Single Trip Travel Insurance from under £10, plus we offer discounts for couples, and children are insured for FREE under our Family Policy. Therefore, just like your summer holiday, travel insurance is definitely a necessity.

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