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Summer’s over….time to book your ski holiday!!!

It’s all over, the kids are back at school the sun is back everywhere else except the UK!

This means one thing- it must be time to get a winter holiday booked! If you’ve not managed to get away this summer due to ash clouds, strikes and the general chaos of the travel market, then it’s time to think about booking a ski holiday. Last minute deals are not as available for ski holidays so it’s best to book early and make the most of early booking discounts.

Here are some tips for a budget ski holiday without leaving it last minute.

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If there’s a fairly large group of you going then a ski chalet is going to be ideal. You have exclusive use of a chalet allowing you and your friends/family to spread out, make as much noise and mess as you like!

This is best for groups of 8 or more, you can choose a catered chalet where you have a cook and a cleaner… however this obviously costs extra and a self catered chalet is a much more budget conscious choice and can be more fun if the work is shared. Big starchy meals are what you need after a day on the slopes and buying big bags of pasta and some tasty sauces is not only cheap but ideal cuisine for hungry skiers! You can take turns in cooking, buy some boxes of local wine and you have your own private bar with just you and your friends, its enormous fun.


Here are some ski resorts that take less than 10 hours to get to from Calais:

(Journey duration is approximate and depends on how fast you drive and how many convenience breaks you take!)


Another way at cutting the cost of your skiing holiday is to look at self-travel. There are plenty of resorts which are less than a 10hour drive from Calais, this can work out much cheaper and in terms of overall travel time and whn you factor everything not that much difference to over all travel time when flying.

If you think about travel time to the airport, parking, check-in time 2 hours before, flying time, waiting at baggage reclaim, coach transfer time not to mention waiting for the driver to load bags onto the coach and finish that all important debate with the over drivers in the car park.

Not to mention the convenience and relative luxury of your own car rather than a transfer with no leg room on a coach full off vomiting (and usually smelly) strangers! You can arrive in resort in around the same amount of time in your own comfy car with as much luggage as you like having enjoyed spectacular views on the way (as well as the obligatory game of eye spy!).


Whether you decide to ski or board, drive or fly, chalet or hotel remember to get yourself some travel insurance to suit your arrangements. Not all travel insurance policies will cover winter sports, fewer still with actually give you the cover you need and allow the actual things you are likely to be doing – off piste as an example.

Visiting could not only save you time but probably a few pounds as well. With Winter sports travel insurance from as little as £4.81 for a single trip or £26.19 for an annual multi-trip including winter sports, why not get a quote or buy travel insurance.

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