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Surge in Seniors Booking Trips Online

As many of us already know, modern pensioners are far from ‘past it’, and are in fact ready and willing to live life to the full. They have more disposable income and time after retirement, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that many choose to spend their golden years travelling the world.

Senior Couple With Snorkels Enjoying Beach Holiday

In fact, according to recent research conducted by Experian Marketing Services, over 35 million pensioners visited travel websites in the last 12 months, contributing towards record growth in the industry.
It is fantastic to see that pensioners are becoming more and more tech savvy, allowing them to research dream destinations and find bargains. In May 2015 alone 920 million people visited travel websites, up from 906 million in May 2014.
The research also looked at which destinations silver surfers were most researching and visiting, and found that the top 10 most desired destinations for over 65s were;
• San Francisco

• France

• Spain

• Paris

• Dublin

• Tenerife

• Majorca

• New York

• Dubai

• Amsterdam
These findings seem to suggest that modern pensioners have more disposable income to spend on travel, perhaps because of the recent pension changes or because they have paid off their mortgage, and that over 65s are becoming more technologically responsive.
If you’re over 65 and planning a trip, just remember to invest in quality travel insurance before you depart. Without travel insurance you could be vulnerable to expensive bills if something goes wrong, like a medical emergency or last minute cancellation. For award winning over 65s Travel Insurance, visit

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