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How to Survive Flights with Kids

This is a long-standing topic for worried parents everywhere, as they know just how unpredictable kids can be. Especially if it’s their first flight, you don’t know how they will react to it all, the queuing, security checks, potential problems with their ears and sitting still for an extended period of time- which we still have trouble with!


Ensuring you are super organised will help you relax. Tickets, Passports and Insurance Documents should all be to hand, try and make your carry on as light as you can – more often than not, the kids will get bored of carrying their own – or won’t want to walk. So it helps to know that you aren’t going to completely cripple yourselves in these eventualities.

Before travelling, ensure to have your family travel insurance in place to save you time and stress!


Back to the kids – Firstly, we advise you explain the process to them so they don’t feel completely overwhelmed; airports are big and sometimes scary places, full of strangers and new things.

Make it fun for them!


Prepare Them:



On Board:


As you have probably seen on social media, some parents have gone that extra mile and have created notes for other passengers, apologising in advance for their kids. We think this is a lovely idea, although, kids will be kids. They can’t help being excited or scared in such a different environment than they’re used to and they have as much right to be there as anyone else.

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