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Swimmer hit by Parasailing Speedboat

A Russian tourist has been hospitalised after being struck by the spinning propellers of a parasailing speed boat, whilst swimming in Phuket. Mr Sergey Kuzennyy, aged 55, received five deep lacerations to his leg, which required emergency medical treatment.

speed boat on the beach of Coco Island, Seychelles

The tourist was apparently in a speed boat zone, and should not have been swimming. However, the injured holidaymaker has rebuked these reports, claiming there was nothing to warn him of the dangers, or anything which told him not to swim in that area.
The accident comes just days after the Phuket governor approved plans to make water sport areas much clearer and safer. The plans will create clearly designated areas for swimming and things like parasailing, boating and jet skiing, to make the water much safer for tourists.
The new rules will also mean that jet skis and boats will not be allowed to depart from the beach, and will have to stay at least 300m away from the shore.
Unfortunately these plans will only be applied to one beach for now, with the hope that they will be rolled out across the rest of Phuket’s beaches very soon. Phuket is Thailand’s largest island, and one of its most popular, so hopefully these clearer guidelines will be applied in the near future.
Mr Kuzennyy has not pressed charges against the speed boat owner, and is apparently in private talks with him to arrange compensation outside of court.
If you’re planning a trip to Phuket in Thailand, just remember that the safest place to swim in the sea is when red and yellow flags are marked on sections of the beach. If you’re in any doubt, look for a life guard to advise you.

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