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Take a Gap Year to Test Drive your Career Path

Every year around the same time apprehensive students across the UK open the envelope containing their A Level results, and for many, the outcome of their future plans. While a lucky few will realise their immediate ambition of going to uni in October for many the next step will be more problematic. One of the options open to students is to extend their horizons by taking a gap year break.

Tom Griffiths founder of, commented it was vital for confused teeneagers to find the right life path. Speaking at the offices in Ipswich the expert put forward a compelling case for school leavers to embark on a constructive gap year packed with work experience, before moving onto university or that dream job.
“If they don’t know what they want to do it is important to test drive careers, to showcase their talents and get the opportunity to get a crack at being a journalist, a photographer or whatever they want to do, to see if they enjoy it and get a feel for it.”
He also commented that a gap year gives them a chance to make local contacts and develop a network which will be useful later on.
If you are a student thinking about a gap year, don’t forget essential gap year travel insurance to cover any unexpected emergencies.
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Source:- Evening Star 24am edition

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