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Term Time Holidays [Infographic]

Back in May we launched a Term Time Holiday survey, to ask parents for their views on term time holidays. The results of the survey were extremely interesting, and revealed that 31% of parents have changed their attitude to term-time holidays following Jon Platt’s recent court victory, and 58% of parents admitted that term-time holidays were their only option for an affordable family holiday.

Last year we conducted a similar survey, and found that 30% of parents were considering taking their child out of school early to get a more affordable holiday deal, whereas this year this figure has more than doubled to 67%, showing the real effect the landmark court case has had on parents and their views of school fines.

To help parents understand the current rules on term time holidays, the real costs involved in term time vs school holiday trips, and the views of other parents, we put together this handy infographic.

Term Time Infographic

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