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Terrible Travellers: What not to do

When travelling it can be easy to take those ‘once in a lifetime’ moments to the extreme, which could land you in some seriously hot water. To give you some examples of what not to do on your next adventure, here are a few terrible tales from travellers who should have known better;

Silhouettes of people jumping in ocean


When visiting an ancient temple most of us would be too busy appreciating the history and beauty of the place to think about leaving our mark, however one Chinese tourist become the subject of international anger when he did just that. The 15 year old student visited the 3,500 year old Temple of Luxor in Egypt in 2013, and carved ‘Ding Jinhao visited here’ on one of the ancient walls. He was tracked down using social media, and his mother was forced to apologise to the Egyptian people.


Animal Antics

A group of French teenagers (seen above) caused great controversy recently when they decided to steal a Llama named Serge from a circus in Bordeaux. They decided to take him on a train ride, where he was eventually ejected by a ticket inspector. The director of the circus decided to drop charges against the five travellers when a Facebook group about them reached 700,000 likes. Two British tourists were less lucky when they stole a famous penguin from an Australian theme park in 2012; they each received a £637 fine for their antics.


Do Not Touch

When you see signs next to great works of art asking you not to touch, you should probably oblige. However, one American tourist found himself under arrest when he accidentally snapped the finger off a 600 year old statue of the Virgin Mary in Florence. Apparently the traveller was comparing his hand to the statue when he slipped and fell. Lucky no charges were brought against him for the damage.
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