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The Best Way To Backpack

Backpacking has become as popular as booking a package holiday.
Allowing the individual freedom to travel from place to place with as little luggage as possible, if you are thinking about taking a gap year or backpacking around the world, below are some very simple tips:

It is essential to pack as light at possible as you will need to carry your backpack around for long periods of time. The last thing you need is a heavy bulky backpack when boarding buses and trains.

Remember to take the bare minimum when packing clothes, although you may wear the same clothes for a long period of time, you will normally be able to wash your clothes and leave them to dry overnight.
• 2/3 T-shirts one being long sleeved to protect you from mosquitoes
• 2 Pairs of light weight trousers
• Swimwear, which is light to carry and men can use theirs as swim wear or just as shorts.
• A fleece jacket as even the hottest countries by day can be cold at night, this could also double up as a pillow rolled up
• If you intend to partake in a lot of walking/hiking a sturdy pair of walking boots will protect your feet and ankles

Essential Items
• A good sleeping bag
• A waterproof jacket
• Water bottles
• Toilet roll
• First aid kit
• Plastic bowl with knife, fork & spoon
• A torch
• A camera
• Mosquito repellent
• Spare batteries

Your backpack
The size of backpack you buy really depends on how much you are going to lug around with you, if you plan on taking only the bare essentials you could get away with a 35 litre backpack but on average a 50 litre one might be a better choice, especially as it will leave some room for any souvenirs collected on the way. Certainly unless you are camping then you will not need anything bigger than a 70 litre pack.

The most important item to take when backpacking is to buy backpacking travel insurance visit Travel up to 18 months. Cover starts from just 17p a day!

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