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The Bucket List

If you’re facing your next big birthday in the upcoming future, this might thrill you or make you want to hide under your covers, but why not make it a bit more exciting!

Make a ‘bucket list’ of things you want to do before you ‘kick the bucket’ and make sure you complete at least 2 before your next big birthday!

Now we’re not talking about learning to knit, we mean something that is going to get your blood pumping and make you feel energized and glad to be alive!

Our top ideas include;

• Get a tattoo – go on, you’ve always wanted one and your mum can’t stop you now!….as long as she doesn’t see it you will be fine

• Zorbing in Ireland – it looks insane but so much fun! Who wouldn’t want to live like a hamster and roll down a hill in a bubble?

• Bungee jump in New Zealand! For the bigger thrill seeker amongst us, if you want an adrenaline rush why not?

• Drive a race car in Le Mans– for the Top Gear enthusiast, get a track day! Live the dream

• Sky dive in Australia – for the biggest and bravest thrill seeker, an addictive rush that will definitely leave you feeling alive.

• Learn to ski in Switzerland! It looks really cool and its great fun!

• Climb a mountain Wales – wouldn’t you love to say you’ve done that

• Sleep in the dessert under the stars in Dubai – for a truly inspirational night

• Scuba Diving in Barbados – a beautiful experience and it only takes a few lessons

• Swim with dolphins in America – you’ve always wanted to since watching Flipper – go on treat yourself!

But to make sure you really enjoy your adventure take out travel insurance with , for the thrill without the fear.

Holidaysafe covers a wide range of activities within the basic premium so why not get started on that list and enjoy what the world has to offer?

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