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The Dangers of Holiday Sun

Shocking statistics release by Public Health England have recently been released which show that skin cancer admissions have risen by over a third since 2007, from nearly 90,000 cases to over 120,000 in 2011.

Taking sunbath

Experts are blaming the so called ‘epidemic’ on a lack of awareness, because most cases are apparently largely avoidable if people were conscious of their exposure to the sun. They went on to blame sun beds and the rise of cheap holidays to hot destinations as two major factors in the increase.
Enjoying the sunshine can be extremely safe, as long as you follow the simple tips below;
• Many people run to the sun bed for a ‘base’ tan in preparation for their holiday, however this can be just as dangerous as extended time in the sun.

• Even when in the UK, you should always wear sun protection. Most moisturisers will now include some SPF protection to ensure you are protected. (TOP TIP – always make sure your sun protection hasn’t expired before use).

• On hot sunny days, always wear sunscreen of at least factor 25 or above on your exposed skin, especially sensitive areas like the face, neck and shoulders.

• On longer days in the sunshine, reapply sun screen every few hours, and after every dip in the pool or sea to avoid burns.

• Drink plenty of water to keep yourself and your skin hydrated.

• When the sun is at its strongest, seek shady areas and wear cover ups like t-shirts and sun hats.

• After a day in the sun, always moisturise the skin using after sun lotions to soothe any irritated areas.
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