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The Disappearing High Street

We appear to have so much convenience in our lives, fast food, ready made dinners, and above all purchasing every thing via the Internet. How many times a week do we say “I’ll have a look on the Internet”?

laptop, purchasing, convenience.
Have we become a lazy nation?, and are we ourselves to blame for the dying “High Street”?
We can…

(…to name just a few things!)

This year many of us will be booking holidays and flights online, as it is much easier to sit in the comfort of your own home, being able to compare prices, read non bias reviews, and research where we want to go as well as where we want to fly from,usually being cheaper in price to.

We use comparison sites, which seems to be popular in this day and age, so what will become of the high street travel agents, supermarkets etc, is everyone under threat?
A few years ago it was the small “village” shop that were threatened by the supermarket’s now it seems everything is.

The Internet is a wonderful invention, but will high street shopping still be here in a few years time? It’s a wonder how we ever coped without it.

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