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The Future of Family Travel

Travelling abroad as a family with young children can be an absolute nightmare. How can you possibly keep children amused while they’re strapped to a seat staring at the back of another boring seat? However, Thomson Airways have plans to make the future of flying all about families.

Family going on holidays

The holiday company are planning to introduce 47 new jets over the next five years, which will include new seating plans. No longer will families be forced into two separate groups, as the airline plan to introduce seats of 6 which all face each other, including a very practical table in the middle for activities and easy eating.
The airline also plans to introduce kids clubs with trained members of cabin crew, including arts, crafts and quizzes. There will also be a beach snack bar with a ‘dedicated holidaymaker’, where parents can socialise with other adults and plan the best holiday itinerary with an expert.
The plans also include an adorable bedtime story channel for young kids, and special content to keep even the most troublesome teen amused.
To top it all off, there will be family and child free zones on board – so no more loud signs and embarrassing complaints from passengers who don’t like children.
Furthermore, if you’re planning a romantic trip without the kids, the airline will also offer couples pods with champagne coolers! That means couples can relax together, without worrying about a random individual filling the third seat.
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