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The Future of Motorcycle Travel?

Two brothers in the USA are attempting to make motorcycle travel safer, easier and more fun through their 20 years of combined riding experience and their technological expertise.


Michael and Marcus Weller have created The Skully AR-1, which is being dubbed ‘the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet’. The helmet boasts a light weight and aerodynamic design which is fog, scratch and glare resistant, and includes the following tech;
• A transparent display screen within the visor.

• 180 degree rear view camera displayed in the corner of your visor.

• GPS Navigation.

• Bluetooth connection.

• Internet via phone connection.

• Hands free calling.

• Music streaming and much more!
The helmet comes in matte black or glossy white, and is available in Small – XX Large.
The founders have been using a crowd funding type site to help them raise cash for their new invention. Their aim was to raise $250,000 through the site, and last week they closed the donations on nearly $2,500,000!
That means we may start seeing Skullys on UK roads very soon, as long as you have at least $1,399 (including international postage and packaging) to spend on one of course!
Despite the price tag, the helmet is an extremely innovative idea, and could make people feel more confident in heading off on motorcycle trips and tours all over the world.
If you’re planning a motorcycle trip, don’t forget to invest in specialist insurance to protect you and your trip against holiday disasters, including loss or damage to your leathers, boots and helmet! Visit for more information.

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