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The Future of Travel Technology

In the last few years technology and gadgets have evolved which make travelling much easier. For example, fantastic cameras allow us to capture holiday memories, online check in and virtual tickets speed up boarding, tablets and smart phones allow us to stay in touch whilst abroad, and quick online holiday comparison sites and booking systems allow us to make holiday plans from the comfort of our own homes.

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However, this technological revolution is not set to end, as inventors are already working on the next wave of cool gadgets which could become common place in our daily lives. Skyscanner recently compiled a report called ‘The Future of Travel’ which used expert opinions from researchers to predict which technologies will be most popular with holiday makers.
The inventions listed are either in development or already exist – none have been made up. Our favourites from the list include;
Holiday time – apparently in ten years’ time we could install an app into our smart watches which would be able to tell when we need a holiday. The watch would analyse things like vital signs to detect stress and mood to alert you to the fact that it might be time for a holiday before you burn out.
Wish you were here – photo albums will be a thing of the past in the future, as cameras will allow holiday makers to record 3D images. When played back at home, these images will create a kind of virtual reality, so your friends and family feel like they were there with you.
How can I help you? – we’ve all heard of ‘artificial intelligence’ from Sci-Fi films, but apparently future travel agents could be exactly that. These virtual entities would be able to scan your search history and tailor holiday recommendations to you – they would also be able to have a conversation with you and change their plans based on your answers!
Holiday wardrobe – wearable technology is already becoming a trend, with smart watches and glasses already in development. However, in the near future microchips are predicted to get even smarter and smaller, meaning that glasses which can translate written language and earpieces which can translate spoken language could all be possible.

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