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The Hostel Rule Book

If your plans for 2015 involve a backpacking adventure, you will probably find yourself staying in a hostel at some point during your trip. The whole idea of staying in a hostel can be enough to put some travellers off entirely, however just like hotels, there are many different types and classes of hostel all over the world, ranging from budget to luxury.


To help anyone considering hotels as their accommodation of choice, we’ve created this short ‘Hotel Rule Book’ to help you before and during your stay.


Do your Research

Hostels can have a bad reputation for being noisy, unclean and unsafe. However, the majority of hostels are actually very clean and quite safe as long as you pick a decent one. If you’re planning a round the world trip, you may not always be able to do loads of advance research before you arrive and want a place to stay. However it is always advisable to do as much research as possible, to avoid staying anywhere ridiculously overpriced or somewhere less than ideal.


Dealing with Shared Accommodation

One of the best parts of staying in a hostel is the fact that it is shared accommodation – there is always the opportunity to make new friends and talk to people from all over the world! However, you don’t want your new found friendships to turn sour because you’re a bad roommate. Here are a few specific rules to keep in mind, DON’T;
• Be the messy one – if you are sharing the room, make sure you keep yourself as tidy as possible, no one wants to trip over your pants.

• Hog the bathroom – again, try to remember that this is shared accommodation. Either use the bathroom in a prompt manner, or wait until the morning rush is over so you can spend longer pampering without getting on everyone’s nerves.

• Wake everyone up just because you have an early flight or tour, organise yourself the night before so you can just grab your stuff and leave. A small torch is also a good investment – no one will thank you for turning the light on at 4am.

• Bring your travel romances to a shared room! Enough said I think.



Although you may have made friends with everyone in the hostel, that doesn’t mean you should entirely let your guard down and leave your valuables all over the place. If the hostel offers lockers or safes, always use them to store your electricals, valuables and travel documents. Try to stay tidy and organised, so you know where everything is and don’t leave anything behind by accident.

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