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The Next 100 Years in Travel

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of commercial air travel, travel specialists Lonely Planet have recently teamed up with the international Air Transport Association to predict how travel and travelling will adapt and evolve over the next 100 years.


The first prediction is that travel will continue to become more and more affordable, meaning that future generations will see travel as an integral part of life, rather than an annual treat. For example, faster and cheaper travel will allow people to attend an array of festivals, events and hidden once in a life time destinations all over the world without the massive time or financial constraints we may experience now. This will also mean that travellers will seek to ‘go green’, to help protect the planet.
Technology will also play a much bigger part in travelling, with smart phones and tablet computers completely replacing paper tickets, guidebooks and maps. Apps will also play a massive role in future travel, with street view technology allowing you to browse your hotel and surrounding areas, and itinerary apps tweaking your plans based on weather and local events (etc.) to give you the best experience possible.
Airports are also set for a massive overhaul over the next 100 years, becoming a place of relaxation and culture. Spas, art galleries and cinemas will apparently replace cramped departure lounges and tired shops at airports over the coming years.
The final and most surprising prediction is that many professional people will actually turn away from technology during their trip, and instead will opt for hotels that advertise a lack of WiFi and phone signal. Although this is a far cry from the needs of the current traveller, experts are certain this is the only way future travellers will be able to disconnect from the modern world.
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