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The Price is Right – Britain’s Biggest Bargains and Swindles

Brits are renowned for our ability to moan, it doesn’t matter whether the subject matter is traffic, weather or public transport, we will usually find a subject.

According to a recent survey, our latest collective rant has concerned the prices of everyday items, including takeaway pizzas, stamps and birthday cards. The survey, which questioned 2,000 Brits, asked what every day products and luxuries they considered to be good value, and which they considered to be rip offs.

Birthday cards, alcohol, train tickets, paying for public toilets and takeaways topped the ‘rip off’ list, whereas travel insurance, milk, paracetamol, kettles and bus passes were considered ‘value for money’.

Travel Insurance is definitely a worthwhile investment, without it you could face potentially colossal bills if you need medical treatment abroad, or if your vital possessions become lost or damaged abroad.

Although we cannot help with the other items, Holidaysafe can help with travel insurance. offers comprehensive travel insurance starting from under £10, and it could potentially save you thousands of pounds if you face a holiday disaster.

On a final note, when asked what the participants really despised paying for, the list (unsurprisingly) included; petrol, parking, council tax, gas and electricity. However, most shockingly we also resented whip rounds for a colleague’s birthday!

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