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The Rainbow Mountains

If you’re the type of traveller who loves to explore weird and wonderful places, then The Rainbow Mountains should definitely be on your list.

The Rainbow Mountains, China, have been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2009 and can be found within Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park and are a geological wonder of the world.

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What are they?

The UNESCO World Heritage site has been so named as the mountains look like a rainbow is rolling across them.

It has taken over 24 million years to get these beautiful colourings across the rock formations. Danxia has been formed by mainly red sandstone, characterized by steep cliffs, caused by weathering, erosion and uplift.

Many layers of different coloured sandstone and minerals have been pressed together over this time, and then they’ve been buckled by tectonic plates, being made into valleys by the weather.

How can I see them?

Located about 30 minutes west of Zhangye.

It takes around 2 hours to complete the whole trip, with 4 viewing platforms along the way.

The best time to visit is between June-September and preferably either in the morning or at dusk as the colours in the sky change the colours continuously.

How do I get there?

The best way is to fly to Zhangye or get the train from other cities such as Xi’an or Lanzhou. Speaking to your tour operator will get you the best itinerary. If travelling along, take a look here for more information.

Top Tip: Remember to take water because there are no shops in the more remote Danxia areas, as well as a scarf to cover your face from the wind and sand.

Other places of interest nearby.

Also in Zhangye are the Great Buddha temple, which has China’s biggest indoor reclining Buddha.

Mati temple, which has 500 grottoes to explore.

If you are already booked up and are going to China between December and February, be sure to check out our blog on the Harbin Snow & Ice Festival.

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