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The Rise of the Snap Years

It appears that the number of people taking Gap Years has fallen dramatically in recent times, not surprising when you consider the rise in university tuition fees and the current shortage of jobs. Therefore, ‘Snap Years’ have become extremely popular, a snap year is like a gap year only much shorter, because the traveller can only afford a journey which lasts a few weeks at a time.

According to a survey conducted by LV less than 8% of travellers can afford to be away from home for more than four months at any one time. In the past, the biggest proportion of people taking gap years were students about to start university, however the number of people who want and are financially able to take a gap year before University has dropped by a substantial 56% during the last 5 years according to the 2011 survey.

LV suggest that the average snap year lasts around 5 weeks at a times, and according to another survey by, in 2011 alone there was a 28% rise in the number of UK students taking snap years.

Whether you are planning a gap year or a snap year, visiting should be top of your priority list.

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