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The True Costs of Holiday Accidents

One of the major Emergency Assistance Companies used by Travel Insurance Companies to help those unfortunate to suffer accident or illness on holiday, has reported that last year alone they handled over 3,000 medical cases and helped 250 sick and injured people return home.

In their expert opinion, people who travel without insurance run an unthinkable risk of injury and debt.

For example, five of the most expensive repatriations last year were:
1) A heart attack victim brought back to the UK after two weeks in Intensive Care in Thailand costing £30,000,
2) A Lung Clot in Australia – £27,000,
3) Two broken legs whilst on holiday – £13,000,
4) An injured snow boarder flown home from the Alps – £13,000
5) A stroke victim in Mauritius – £9,700.

However, even less extreme injuries can prove costly and painful, for example:

. £6,000 for a wrist injury in Chile,
. £4,000 for a fractured leg on the slopes in Italy
. £2,500 for an elbow injury in Germany.

For true piece of mind on your travels visit, their Single Trip cover starts from as little as £3, and can be tailored to suit your individual needs. can offer up to £10 million in case of medical emergency, £1,000 in cancellation fees, and £3,000 for lost baggage.

So visit today to protect yourself and your loved ones against any unwanted holiday mishaps.

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