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The Truth about Disney Land!

Every year thousands of visitors head to the original Disney Land in Florida. Whether you’re visiting with friends or being dragged along with the kids, there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy. In fact, below we have compiled the top ‘rumours’ surrounding the park, so even the sceptics can enjoy trying to spot them;

· There are a series of underground tunnels beneath Disney Land, which allow the actors (or characters) to escape the park and avoid certain sections. For example, it would be very weird to see astronauts walking through Renaissance land. Now you know, you will be aware of walking up/down a gentle gradient all over the park.

· How do they keep Disney Land so clean? Well apparently Disney built several real doors into the scenery of the park, so cleaners can pop out of any concealed entrance and back into the tunnels without being noticed. Try and spot them!

· Speaking of secret doors, you may have heard rumours about a secret club in Disney Land, apparently this is true! There is a club lying behind a completely inconspicuous door somewhere in the park. It is called Club 33, (after the initial 33 Disney Land Sponsors,) and apparently only 500 people in the entire world are members of this club, and unfortunately it is members only.

· Disney’s Animal Kingdom is actually an animal conservation centre. The focus on animals is clear from the ‘Tree of Life’, which has hundreds of animals carved into the surface. However, you may not know that a White Rhino born and raised in the Animal Kingdom, actually went on to parent the first White Rhino to be born in Uganda since the 1980s!

· On the other hand, another fact you may not know is that the tree of Life itself is formed from an offshore oil drilling platform. So perhaps Disney wasn’t a complete environmental activist.

· If you’re planning to visit Disney Land, look out for the Mickey Mouse images hidden all around the park. At least a thousand hidden Mickey images have been reported, they could be carved into scenery, smudged in paint or even resemble coffee mug rings.

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